Café | KBIS 2022

Bold Ambition Kitchen

Bold Ambition

Inspired by the human desire to be engaged with nature, this kitchen brings lush prints and rich jewel tones together to complement and integrate within the overall environment. Double islands are a coveted trend in kitchen design.

Fearless Energy Kitchen

Fearless Energy

A boho-disco theme with a mix of equal parts glam and free spirit! Using fearless décor and self-expression through color and mixed prints, this kitchen space delivers a look that is authentic, highly personal and shimmering with personality.

Earthen Essence Kitchen

Earthen Essence

In the home, we see a return to warm wood and sustainable materials like cork. Clay-based tones and desert-inspired décor continue to inspire interiors.

Zen Retreat Kitchen

Zen Retreat

Come see minimalism warming up with soft woods like white oak. Conceal and reveal shows up as mesh, cane and punched designs on furniture and room dividers, providing a glimpse of what’s inside.


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