Zen Retreat

In the home, we see minimalism warming up with soft woods like white oak. Conceal and reveal shows up as mesh, cane and punched designs on furniture and room dividers, providing a glimpse of what’s inside.

Design Elements to Explore

  • Custom White Oak Cabinets
  • Chiseled Edge Counter Profile
  • Porcelain Tile Flooring from Tilebar
  • Machina Della Luce LED Chandelier in Copper Leaf
  • The Galley Sink and Rose Gold Faucet
  • Custom Copper Hood

Fashion Inspo

Many of the Spring/Summer 2022 runway trends draw inspiration from minimal silhouettes featuring conceal and reveal construction in sheer materials with patterns in chalky tones and neutral shades

360 Degree Explore in 3D

Material Board

Take a closer look at the materials and finishes inspired by the Zen Retreat design.

Zen Retreat Moodboard
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Meet Our Muse: Sarah

In the Zen Retreat kitchen, we’ve chosen materials, colors and shapes driven by Sarah’s passion for creating balance through positive tension — the arresting contrast of curves next to gridded textures, organic shapes atop industrial surfaces, neutral palates accentuated by subtle patterns.

Recently, Sarah discovered Hanae Mori and is infatuated with the organic flow and striking, traditional Japanese elements she builds into her couture pieces. Each deliberate design choice, including her Café Modern Glass appliances is meant to uncomplicate, freeing her of her own expectations, and soothe all who enter.

Featured Finishes

Mirror-like in its look, the Platinum Glass finish is our collection that reflects the colors and designs of your kitchen. Sleek and contemporary, these appliances match your modern mood.

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Design Inspiration

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