Hotpoint Kitchen

We’ve created a Pro Steel kitchen where all the finishes and materials tell the brand story of resilience and strength. Hotpoint flexes to show just how tough their appliances truly are. Attendees can explore a full line of Hotpoint products in built-tough space that reimagines the home kitchen, where every surface and material is hard working and tough enough to stand up to a life well lived.

Design Elements to Explore

  • Tool Chest Stacks as the Lower Cabinetry
  • Industrial Lighting Options
  • Stainless Steel Pegboard Backsplash
  • Butcher Block Countertops
  • Industrialized Rubberized Floor
360 Degree Explore in 3D


Our homes are where some of life’s most precious, tender moments happen, but they are also where we spill, slam, smash and bash our way through hectic days of hard work and even harder fun. We are relentless inhabitants, and our homes have to take us as we are. Our homes need backup, they need appliances that are tougher than life and everything we throw at it.

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